1.              What is the project called the Banchory Sports Village?

 It is the development of a sports facility which will include a six lane swimming pool, a learner pool, four court sports hall, two squash courts, gymnasium and a community area along with all the changing areas, storage, and offices.  It will be located on a site donated by the Leys estate owners and will be at Hill of Banchory immediately to the north of Hill of Banchory Primary School. It will be a first class facility for Banchory and its surrounding area.

2.              Who will build this?

Aberdeenshire Council will manage the project and the tendering process for the development is planned to begin in 2016.


3. Where does the funding for this project come from?

Aberdeenshire Council has 90% in their capital plan for starting in 2016 and the opening is envisaged in autumn 2017.  10% of the project is to be raised by the local community. The project has been greatly supported by the local Councillors.

4.   What happened to the monies from the Bandswim era ?   

All the monies collected back in the 90’s relative to Bandswim Trust have been sitting in a bank account in the amount of £117,000. Following the recent change of name to Banchory Sports Village Trust these monies have also been transferred to the new bank account of the Trust.

A great deal of thanks to all who donated and helped fundraise at that time!

5.      Where are we now with the financial side of the project? 

The project has an estimated cost of £7.8m and the negotiated inclusion of the aforementioned facilities has needed the community to pay /raise £700,000 otherwise a somewhat smaller facility is on the cards with e.g. a five lane pool and maybe a three court sports hall which is not at all what is wanted.


5.       If the £700,000 is not raised will the Sports Village still go ahead? 


Absolutely, yes.


6.   So what is the current financial position ? 


To correct what was stated in the Piper on 3rd of October. The true position is that with the Bandswim monies of £117,000 and the two pledges of £100,000 each, along with some recent fundraising in Banchory, we have £320,000 resulting in £380,000 still to be raised. The deadline to raise the funds is September 2015.


7.   What can I do to help? 


“GET INVOLVED” contact myself James Knowles and come up with fundraising ideas and lets put them in action. The fundraising committee has a list but so many more of you from Banchory and surrounding area have an opportunity to contribute. Such an opportunity will not be available again so we need to make the most of this to make this the facility the best we possibly can.



8.        How can residents keep up to date with what’s happening? 

We are on Facebook and have a website:

www.facebook.com/banchorysportsvillage     or   www.banchorysportsvillage.co.uk


8.   How can I donate?

We are working to get on line donations setup and gift aid organized.  In the mean time contact James Knowles.



9.   Will you succeed in delivering? 


Our aim is to deliver and that’s why we continually say “IT’S HAPPENING”. Your support will determine what we can deliver.